Automatic Gearbox

                In the development of automobile transmission system, automatic transmission has been the goal of people. With the wide application of computer technology in automobile field, automatic transmission technology has been developed rapidly. With the increasing popularity of cars and the increasing number of unskilled drivers, the application of auto transmission has more important significance.Gearbox

                Electronic control mechanical Automatic transmission (AMT) with high transmission efficiency, cheap, easy to manufacture and other advantages, can make full use of the existing manual transmission production equipment, particularly suitable for such as China's transmission manufacturers most of the use of manual transmission production equipment. AMT is not power shift, there is power interruption in the process of shifting gears, so there is a certain gap between the start and the shift quality. Power shift Mechanical automatic transmission is the innovation and transformation on the basis of traditional AMT, it inherits the advantages of high efficiency and low cost of AMT, and solves the problem of power interruption in the process of shifting gears, which greatly improves the market competitiveness of mechanical automatic transmission. Now the power shift mechanical automatic transmission is mainly torque-assisted AMT and dual-clutch automatic transmission two.

               Dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) is a new generation of mechanical automatic transmission, it inherits the manual transmission of high efficiency, compact installation space, light weight, low price and many other advantages, starting and shifting the quality of excellent, with good prospects for development. The research of dual-clutch automatic transmission is still in its infancy, and its further research and product will be of positive significance to improve the autonomous development ability of China's automatic transmission.Gearbox

               In this paper, the system structure of double clutch type automatic transmission is analyzed, and the quality of torsional damper with double mass flywheel is designed. The stiffness and damping parameters are simulated and studied, the mathematic model of oil filling and oil release in the clutch hydraulic system is established, and the mathematical model of the Power transmission system is established, and the shifting process is analyzed by the simulink.Gearbox