Driving Type Of Hydraulic Winch

The winch has several kinds of manual, electric and internal combustion engine drive. The handle of the manual winch is provided with a stop (ratchet and Pawl) on the transmission mechanism to keep the weight in the desired position. Manual winches for assembling or lifting weights shall also be provided with safety handles and brakes.Hydraulic Winch 

Manual winches are generally used in places with small weights, poor facilities or no power. Electric winch is widely used for heavy duty and large traction. The motor of single reel electric winch is driven by the reducer, and the motor and the reducer input are fitted with brakes.Hydraulic Winch

In order to meet the needs of lifting, traction, Rotary and other operations, there are two reels and multiple reel device winch. The winch driven by an internal combustion engine is fitted with a clutch between the reel and the internal combustion engine. When the brake on the clutch and reel is loosened, the rope on the reel is in a state of no load, at which point the rope can be freely dragged out of the reel to shorten the lanyard time when lifting the object again. The internal combustion engine should be launched without load, the clutch can remove the reel from the internal combustion engine, and then the clutch will be connected to drive the reel after the normal start. A winch driven by an internal combustion engine is often used for outdoor operations that require frequent movement or lack of power. There is also a steam-powered winch that is rarely used.Hydraulic Winch

First of all, judge the software aspect: check the basic data of the winch sensor, namely big hook height parameter: the diameter of the drum, the number of layers, the number of layers, the length of the rope, the number of the final lap, the diameter of the big rope, etc. Troubleshooting: The large hook height parameter is actually set. If there is no problem with the software setup, then judge the hardware. Check line connectors to ensure good contact, sometimes drilling cleaning will make the line connector water and produce a weak short-circuit, can be used to measure whether the supply voltage is v.Hydraulic Winch