Explosion-proof Hydraulic Winch

                Aiming at the problems of low speed precision, poor smoothness, low automation level, poor coordination between driving and braking, and lack of condition monitoring system and safety, etc. on the basis of the hydraulic system of the original Jky type hydraulic winch, the electro-hydraulic proportional control valve, control handle, controller and Rotary encoder are added, and the explosion-proof hydraulic electro-hydraulic proportional control system is constructed to realize the closed-loop speed regulation, the adjustable braking force and the condition monitoring of the hydraulic winch. Under different working conditions, the industrial test of the new winch shows that the automatic level of the hydraulic winch is improved obviously by the electro-hydraulic closed-loop control, the speed-adjusting precision is more accurate, the velocity following characteristic is better, and the time of eliminating the fault is obviously reduced, which achieves the design goal.Hydraulic Winch

                The explosion-proof hydraulic winch is composed of three parts, mechanical, hydraulic and electric. The mechanical part of the explosion-proof hydraulic winch is the same as that of the general winch, by the spindle device, disc brake, depth indicator, console and frame, etc. the hydraulic part consists of hydraulic motor, main oil pump, auxiliary oil pump, fuel tank, cooler, oil filter, valve group, etc. the electrical part is composed of the starter and the Operation protection system which controls various electrical equipments.Hydraulic Winch

                The original motive uses the explosion-proof motor, the speed of the machine is accomplished by the hydraulic system itself. When the machine is in the process of lowering the condition, it is always in the power generation braking state. Compared with the electric winch system, this machine simplifies the electrical control system, increases the safety, and the energy saving effect is obvious.Hydraulic Winch