Hydraulic Capstan For Trailer And Its Working Principle

               For the auto self-help, rescue, towing, can also be used for road removal and rescue vehicle towing fault truck and engineering installation, oil drilling and other site traction to draw the use of heavy objects, this series of products can also be widely used in fire engines, rescue vehicles, geology/petroleum/mining engineering.Hydraulic Capstan

               The product can be long-term work with the host in the field, characterized by compact structure, small size, light weight, large rally, simple installation, easy maintenance, because the winch has a vertical installation of the twisted cable, under the power drive can be wound but not storage rope machinery, also refers to the rotation axis and deck vertical winch, is the vehicle, the ship's self-protection and the traction device, may carry on the self-help and the rescue in the harsh environment, mainly uses in the off-road vehicle, the agricultural vehicle, the ATV All Terrain vehicle, the yacht, the Fire Rescue vehicle, Road Wrecker and other special cars, special vehicles.Hydraulic Capstan

               In the removal of vehicles, hydraulic winch More use of the installation of the way, while the side of the hydraulic winch also in some of the removal of the vehicle gradually get application, general removal of the car installed on one or two winch, according to the needs of the design, winch wire rope can be used up and down two kinds of rope direction, in order to help prevent wire rope disorderly rope, winch should be equipped with pressure guide rope device, the winch and wire rope in the selection and installation of the car is very important, it relates to the vehicle technology and safety.Hydraulic Capstan