Hydraulic Capstan Function Of Compressed Garbage Truck And Its Use

                  Hydraulic winch is an important functional part, often used for lifting and towing traction operations, hydraulic winch from light to heavy has a lot of specifications, commonly used hydraulic winch has worm gear and planetary gears deceleration two types of structural type. The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor, which realizes the purpose of reducing the speed and increasing the output torque through the deceleration device, thus realizes the relative heavy load traction capacity of the winch, worm-type hydraulic winch structure is relatively simple, easy to make, transmission efficiency and production costs are relatively low, generally used in light hydraulic winch, and planetary wheel type hydraulic winch structure is relatively complex, large transmission ratio, drive efficiency and production costs are relatively high, generally used in heavy hydraulic winch.Hydraulic Capstan

                 In the daily use of compressed garbage truck, we should pay attention to the matter to maintain a good compression of the garbage truck winch, to prevent its damage.Hydraulic Capstan

                 1, in the winch winding wire rope, the line loaded into the reel of the rope hole, and then tighten the screws, and in the rope working conditions, winding 4-5 laps, loading 3-5kn force to tie the wire rope. 2, wire rope around and out of the reel when the maximum deflection should not exceed 3 °, in order to prevent disorderly rope and winch force deflection. When the rope is stopped, the wire rope shall be pressed tightly to prevent the wire rope from loosening and disorderly rope. 3, after the installation of the winch, before the heavy load test or long time to stop use to carry out no-load operation, in order to smooth the motor operation. 4, lifting the heavy weight or pull when the winch clutch is strictly prohibited, when the winch works, The wire rope on the reel at least 5 laps. 5. Winch overload is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to winch and safety accident.Hydraulic Capstan