Hydraulic Capstan Of The Pump Source Selection

Hydraulic Capstan the use of the vehicle's own hydraulic power steering system or an independent high-pressure pump for its power source winch products. China's automobile winch network to provide for the use of hydraulic winch products. Currently widely used in the conditions of higher requirements of the extreme off-road, fire and road rescue, industrial and commercial towing.

Hydraulic Capstan supply source: hydraulic pump is the hydraulic system of the power components, through the hydraulic pump to produce hydraulic flow and pressure to drive the hydraulic winch, and ultimately to achieve the hydraulic winch cable retractable operation.

Hydraulic Capstan according to the structure can be divided into:

Hydraulic Capstan Piston pump: rely on the plunger in the cylinder bore for reciprocating movement when the volume changes caused by suction, pressure oil.

Hydraulic Capstan Vane pump: use the blade pump to change the volume of rotation of the rotor to work

Hydraulic Capstan Gear pump: the use of gear meshing principle work

Hydraulic Capstan Screw pump: the main working parts are eccentric spiral of the screw (called the rotor) and the inner surface of the double-line spiral surface of the screw bushing (said stator).

Hydraulic winch pump source selection in two ways:

First, share the other equipment of the hydraulic pump. Such as installed in the ordinary locomotive, from the hydraulic power steering mechanism to the road pressure; in the common fire rescue vehicles, will be equipped with a hydraulic crane truck crane, pump outlet can also be used to supply hydraulic winch.

Second, a separate equipped with hydraulic pump. If the installation environment is not pumped, or the original pump can not meet the hydraulic winch work needs (such as steering hydraulic flow / pressure is insufficient, the hydraulic pump distance too far), the proposed hydraulic winch is equipped with a separate hydraulic pump. The basic requirements of the pump flow 60L / min,Hydraulic Capstan pressure 10Mpa, and please keep enough redundancy.