Hydraulic Capstan Winch Motor

The hydraulic winch is mainly characterized by its drive motor for the hydraulic motor, and can be very small flow and pressure to drive, so you can use the car's own power steering pump to drive, in addition to solenoid valve control, 125% overload capacity and continuous work And other characteristics. According to the type of solenoid valve, the product can be divided into 12V and 24V control and high pressure and low pressure type. Hydraulic Capstan

According to the reducer manufacturing process is different, the product can be divided into basic and A type. The series of products set a number of patents in one.Hydraulic Capstan

This series of hydraulic winch reducer structure using a patented small teeth difference wheel reducer, reducer assembly by a small difference between the teeth of the slow wheel, the reduction ratio of 67,75. Followed by the winch of the clutch part and the overall design and other aspects of a breakthrough to improve and obtain a patent. Since the hydraulic winch can be driven by the power of the locomotive itself to the hydraulic system, that is, the winch can be mounted on a vehicle with only a hydraulic source, instead of the electric winch to overcome the problem that the electric winch can not operate continuously. But also can be used as engineering hydraulic winch.Hydraulic Capstan

The basic structure: winch machine by the engine, transmission, reel, operating mechanism and chassis and other components. Operation, the engine power through the clutch, gearbox, etc. to the reel, driven drum rotation, so that the drum on the wire rope has a certain speed and traction, to move the load.Hydraulic Capstan

Winding reel are multi-layer smooth to meet the needs of large capacity, while the friction roll is generally curved. In order for each reel to operate independently, a separate reel clutch and roll brake are provided. The brake also acts as a control speed. Some cable winches are also equipped with fan speed control, the use of fans to overcome the energy consumption of air resistance to reduce the speed of the reel to achieve the purpose of part of the control speed. The reel clutch and brake are operated by a lever or hydraulic actuator.Hydraulic Capstan