Hydraulic Power Units And Hydraulic System Maintenance And Notes

Hydraulic motor oil for 46th, anti-wear hydraulic oil, is provided by the hydraulic system of pressure oil pressure energy into mechanical energy, through the speed reducer for high torque output. Reducer in filling is the 90th industrial gear oil. Normal gear gear oil oil change period for: the first oil change after 3 months, 6 months for an oil change after cycle, in order to ensure the normal lubrication of the gear. Hydraulic system for oil cycle also as, to note of is in release finished hydraulic oil Hou, must on tank internal do completely cleaning, because hydraulic system in run several months Hou in tank bottom will precipitation is thick a layer oil foam-like impurities, these oil foam-like impurities on hydraulic system is fatal sex of, often will led to hydraulic valve card died, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor wear increased.