Hydraulic System Of Explosion-proof Hydraulic Winch

              The hydraulic system of hydraulic winch is generally composed of the following four parts: ( 1) Power components. Hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system, its function is to change the mechanical energy of the original motive to the hydraulic system to supply the hydraulic system. (2) Executing component. Hydraulic motor is the implementation of hydraulic system components, its role is to provide hydraulic system hydraulic energy can be converted to mechanical energy, drag outside the load to do mechanical movement. (3) Control element. The hydraulic system uses the valve to make the control element, the execution mechanism movement all has the certain force, the speed and the direction, these three elements are controls by the valve. Valves can be divided into pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valves. (4) Auxiliary components. In addition to the above three types of components, the other components are auxiliary components. They are mainly used for hydraulic oil storage, tubing connection and sealing, oil filtration, cooling, hydraulic system parameters of the display.Hydraulic Winch

             In the hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission and lubrication system commonly used in the catheter has steel tubes, copper pipes, rubber pipes and plastic pipes and so on. Steel pipe can withstand high pressure, usually the pressure catheter recommended 15, 20th, cold-drawn seamless steel tube (yb231-70). For the card sleeve pipe joint pipe, the use of high-precision cold drawn steel pipe, welded pipe joints, the use of common precision cold drawn steel pipe. The work pressure of the copper tube is lower than the bottom, and the anti-seismic ability is weak, also easy to make oil oxidation, should use sparingly, the brass tube's withstanding pressure is higher, but is inferior to the copper tube easy to bend. Nylon tubes are available in low pressure systems, and plastic pipes are usually used on back circuits.Hydraulic Winch

             The rubber hose can be used as a conduit for two relative moving parts. The rubber hose is divided into two kinds: high pressure and low pressure. High-pressure rubber tube is the steel wire is the skeleton or the steel wire winding body is the rubber tube, can be used for the pressure oil circuit, the low-pressure rubber tube is the twine or the cotton thread preparation body is the skeleton rubber tube, often uses in the pressure lower back circuit or the pneumatic pipeline.Hydraulic Winch