Hydraulic Winch 5.0 Tons

             This series of hydraulic winch is modular design, consisting of a variety of flow, cycloid hydraulic motor, planetary gear reducer, brake, reel, frame and so on, which is composed of a one-way balance valve and a lock valve of the control brake. The use of threaded connection steel frame, its compact structure, small footprint, it is applicable to ships, docks and automobiles and other lifting and traction equipment.Hydraulic Winch

             Since the winch comes with the valve group, simplifies the hydraulic system, the user only needs to equip the pump station and the reversing valve to be able. Because the winch adopts balance valve, it ensures the smoothness of winch running in the work of lifting and descending. The grinding gear with hardened surface ensures the low noise and smooth operation of the winch, excellent load-carrying capacity and working reliability. Because of the brake and planetary reducer installed and inside the reel, saving space, so that the overall structure more compact. The use of modular design, easy installation simplifies the maintenance work.Hydraulic Winch

              Precautions to use: reel clockwise rotation to promote (can be customized according to user needs), in order to be safe, on the reel at least keep 4 laps wire rope. Winch Brake for multiple disc brake, static braking torque 950N. M, * Large return oil back pressure should be less than 5bar. The winch adopts planetary gear reducer, it runs stably, the structure is compact and reasonable, the internal lubrication is lubricated with grease. Please use more than 8.8 bolts (M16 above) fixed winch, equipment can not be used for manned.Hydraulic Winch