Hydraulic Winch Troubleshooting Procedures

If the other actions are normal, the main pump is normal. The pilot is normal, which can confirm the failure in the main volume system itself, and has nothing to do with the other. Manipulate the main volume handle, on the release of whether there is pressure to monitor the main pump pressure. The main volume AB tubing beating and whether the engine is holding the car.Hydraulic Winch

If the operation of the main volume handle without pressure, then in accordance with the steps from easy to difficult, first of all should start from the electrical, the front has been confirmed that the main pump is normal, but this time the main roll but no oil over, indicating that the main control valve spool is not open, By the pilot control, and the pilot is electronically controlled, so first find the main volume of the pilot solenoid valve whether there is electricity or detect the solenoid valve spool is stuck, if the pilot is normal, then check the main spool is stuck. If the main volume can be rotated, it is not the problem of brake and reducer, it is likely that the brake pressure is insufficient, and the pressure gauge is used to detect the brake pressure.Hydraulic Winch

If the motor can be rotated out of the reducer without gear oil outflow, it is likely that the brake disc sintering, the brake out, check the brake pads and brake cylinder seal (Note: demolition of the drum when the reel can not load) left Under the only reducer, and if the gear reducer gear or bearing damage can not rotate, under normal circumstances the internal damage is serious, it is recommended to replace the assembly, shipped back to the manufacturer in the inspection can repair.Hydraulic Winch