Inductive Ability Of Gearbox

     The inductor still uses a cylindrical sensor with high efficiency. To reduce the quenching deformation, we used 0.5% polyvinyl alcohol coolant. Pre-reverse deformation treatment before induction heating of parts. Because of the role of shielding kits, the parts are unilaterally induction heating quenching. Gearbox

     After quenching the parts must produce a large bending deformation, but the trend and size of this deformation is very regular, such as fig. 1 of a surface to become convex, b surface becomes concave. Under our chosen process parameters, the outer diameter jumps (the height difference between A and B) is generally 1.00~1 20mm.Gearbox

    In order to reduce the straightening difficulty and the work load, before the heating on the straightening machine on the part execution and the quenching distortion tendency contrary to the beforehand bending distortion, even if a face pressure becomes concave, b face pressure becomes convex. It should be pointed out that the amount of reverse deformation can not be too large, otherwise the quenching deformation may not be fully corrected. Gearbox

    The correction is bound to pressure B-side, because a surface has been hardened, and the waveform groove bottom and blind hole adjacent to less than 1mm for strength weak point. The straight-time pressure B-plane, a face tensile stress, prone to cracking. Therefore, we control the amount of the pre deformation in 0.8~1.0mm, the outside diameter of the quenching can be controlled within 0.3mm.Gearbox

    As the automatic transmission from the original liquid control into electrical control, maintenance personnel have realized that a large part of the fault root is actually from the valve body, this is because the higher the degree of electrical control, valve body hydraulic control parts of the higher the frequency of movement, the more prone to early mechanical wear caused by hydraulic leakage.Gearbox

     However, Valve body repair is also the most complex part of the mechanical parts of the automatic transmission, most maintenance personnel do not know the internal details of the body, generally is to exclude other areas can be excluded, and finally concentrated on the valve body, but also generally through the replacement valve assembly to determine whether the fault exists in the valve body. Only a part of the maintenance staff who are willing to study deeply into the body, the valve body to a certain degree of testing and repair.Gearbox