Overhaul Of Gearbox

              Overhaul of transmission gears: transmission gears are often in constant changing speed, under load, gear tooth surface is impacted by impact load, causing gear (especially tooth surface) damage. Common injuries are: (1) gear wear transmission gear under normal working conditions, the tooth surface presents uniform wear and tear, requires that along the tooth long direction wear should not exceed the original tooth length of 30; tooth thickness should not exceed 0.40; Gear meshing area is not less than 3 2 of tooth surface; The meshing clearance of running gears shall be 0.15-0.26mm, the use limit is 0.80mm; the meshing clearance of the engagement gear shall be 0.10-0.15mm, using a limit of 0.60mm. If you exceed the clearance, you should replace it. (2) gear teeth broken teeth broken, mainly due to gear meshing Gap does not meet the requirements, the tooth meshing part is improper or is subjected to the heavy impact load in the work. If the edge of the tooth is not less than 2mm of micro-crushing, can be used to repair the oil stone to continue to use; (3) constant meshing gear end face wear constant meshing of the oblique tooth end should be. 10-0.30mm axial clearance to ensure good gear operation, if the tooth end wear groove, can be grinding repair, but the grinding capacity should not exceed. 50mm. (4) constant meshing gear axle neck, needle roller bearing and seat hole wear into meshing gear seat hole with needle roller bearing and axle neck three coordination clearance should be 0.01-0.08mm or should be replaced.Gearbox

              Maintenance of gearbox Housing: transmission housing is the base of transmission assembly, to ensure the correct position of the parts in the transmission, the work under a certain load. Common injuries are: (1) The wear of the bearing seat hole of the bearing seat hole will damage its assembly relationship with the bearing and directly affect the transmission input, the relative position of the output axis. The mating clearance between the bearing and the seat hole shall be 0-0.03mm, maximum use limit is 0.10mm. Otherwise the shell or socket sleeve repair shall be replaced. (2) The shell threaded hole repair injection Rosecon, the thread damage of the oil-discharge screw female and the damage of the threaded hole of the connecting bolt between the shell and the casing can be repaired by inserting the screw plug.Gearbox

             Overhaul of transmission shaft: in the process of transmission, each shaft is subjected to varying torsion moment and bending moment action. The common damage of each axle is as follows: (1) The worn axle neck wear is too large, not only will make the gear axis offset, but also will bring the change of gear meshing clearance, Makes noise when driving. At the same time, the relationship between the axle neck and the bearing is damaged, and the operation may cause ablation. Therefore, it is required that the roller bearing is not more than 0 at the interference fit. The wear of the axle neck of the 02mm needle bearing is not greater than 0.07mm, or the king replacement or chrome repair (2) teeth wear teeth wear on the side of the stress is more serious. can be with the flower key sleeve to check, when the teeth wear more than 0.25 or with the original keyway with more than 0 internship. 40mm, the gear of the joint gear ring, combined with a healthy tooth week with a probationary internship of more than 0. When 30mm, the semicircle key and the shaft neck keyway internship more than 0. When 08mm, the axis of periodontal or keyway should be repaired or replaced. (3) Transmission shaft bending maintenance with a thimble to withstand the transmission shaft at both ends of the thimble hole, the use of dial to check the radial runout of the shaft, the deviation should be less than 0.10mm. More than the pressure correction should be performed.Gearbox