Precautions For Operation Of Hydraulic Winch

    Winch drivers must be trained to master the "structure, performance, Basic principles" of the winch, "will be used, will maintain, will be maintained, will handle the general failure." After passing the examination qualified and obtain the certificate to be able to mount the operation.Hydraulic Winch

     Check whether the fuel tank oil level in the fuel tank is above the gauge. Check whether the two ball valves are open before the auxiliary pump. Check if there is any leakage of oil, after the discovery of oil leakage, should be timely treatment. Check if the bolts are solid. Check if the cooling water switch is in the open position. 

     Check whether the rider is flexible and reliable; Check the total switching power supply whether there is electricity, the stranded rider should stop at 0, after the transmission voltage meter indicating whether in the normal range, the device on all the connecting parts (keys, bolts, pins) to check, whether abnormal, loose; before starting the auxiliary pump or main pump, Should check whether the direction of the motor running with the direction of the arrow, found the problem in time to stop the pump, and eliminate.Hydraulic Winch

     Depth indicator is normal, check the transmission part is flexible, over the volume protection, pressure protection, 0-bit protection is normal, in line with the work requirements, oil temperature requirements, not less than 20 ℃, not higher than 60 ℃; emergency braking should be flexible, foot switch should be tested, foot should be flexible and easy, after loosening should be able to automatically reset, stroke spool should bounce , not functioning or inflexible should be dealt with immediately; switch, switching switch should be in the normal position, and flexible and reliable; the contact area of brake shoe and disc should be greater than 60%, and the clearance of brake shoe is 0.8-2mm.Hydraulic Winch

     The driver operation starts the auxiliary pump button to start the auxiliary pump, then check whether the parts have leaking oil phenomenon. Listen to the sound is normal; see whether the pressure gauge pressure is within the prescribed range, that is, the filling pressure in 0.8-1mpa, servo pressure in 2.5MPa, operating pressure in 3MPa. The auxiliary pump starts to operate normally after 30 seconds, can start to move the main pump. Drivers operating main pump Start button after starting the main pump, should pay attention to observe the various pressure gauges, ammeter, voltmeter indication is correct; If an exception should be immediately stopped after processing, the main pump can be restarted.Hydraulic Winch