Repair And Maintenance Technology Of Hydraulic Motor For Wrecker

               The bearing of the motor is the capacity of radial force, for the motor which cannot withstand the radial force, the pulley and other transmission parts shall not be mounted directly on the spindle. The fault of the belt drive motor of a ye--160 type belt conveyor is caused by such problems. As shown in Fig. 5-4, the active sprocket is driven by the hydraulic motor of the wrecker, and the passive sprocket drives the conveyor belt roller. According to the user, the motor often appears oil leakage phenomenon, seal ring replacement less than 3 months began to leak oil. Because the vehicle is used at the airport, the restrictions on the oil spill is particularly high, all vehicles close to the aircraft are strictly prohibited from leaking oil, so maintenance personnel only constantly changing oil seals, resulting in human, financial and time of great waste. What caused the spill? The hydraulic motor of the vehicle is driven by a chain drive, which also produces a radial force, and the oil seal is deformed after the radial force, leading to the leakage of oil.

             1 speed and pressure can not exceed the specified value.Hydraulic Motor

             2 usually to the Low-speed motor back to the oil mouth should be sufficient back pressure, the internal curve motor should be so, otherwise the wheel may be out of the surface and impact, light will produce noise, reduce life, heavy crushing wheel, so that the entire motor damage. The general back pressure value is about 0. ~ 1.0MPa, the higher the rotational speed, the higher the back pressure should be.

             3 Avoid the system in the case of a sudden start or stop in the case of the system load, the sudden start or stop brakes will cause pressure spikes, relief valve can not react so fast to protect the motor from damage.Hydraulic Motor

             4 the use of lubricants with good safety performance, the numbers of lubricants to be applied to specific systems.Hydraulic Motor

             5 Check the oil in the fuel tank regularly. This is a simple but important precaution. If the leak point is not found or is not repaired. Then the system will soon lose enough hydraulic oil, while the pump population produces eddies. The air can suck people. Thus creating a destructive effect.

             6 Keep the hydraulic oil clean as far as possible. Most of the hydraulic motor failure of the wrecker is hidden behind the decline of the quality of the hydraulic oil. The failure is mostly caused by solid particles (particles), contaminants and overheating, but water and air are important factors.Hydraulic Motor