The Hydraulic Motor Installs The Flushing Valve To Play The Role

                In the production and life of the various conditions, we often use the filtration system. Commonly used filtration system according to different requirements of the main pressure filter, mesh filter, membrane filter, filter type (packing medium) filter, filter filter, Bag filter and so on. These filter devices are applied to different working conditions and have their own advantages.Hydraulic Motor

                The disc filter can be used in the following applications where the flow rate is larger and the filtration speed is faster. Can be widely used in industrial and commercial areas, such as food, textiles, metallurgy, plastics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, paper, industrial and commercial buildings HVAC system.Hydraulic Motor

                Disc filter can be controlled by time or pressure difference to realize automatic operation, and time control equipment will start backwashing after running a certain time; the pressure difference control method uses the pressure difference between import and export as the control signal, when the filter intercepts the suspended matter to reach a certain amount, the pressure loss will increase rapidly, when the pressure difference between inlet and outlet reaches the setting value, the equipment automatically starts backwash. The pressure difference controller also has the pressure difference, the time, the manual three kinds of control function, may carry on the backwash by the manual button.Hydraulic Motor

                The disc filter is composed of a filter unit, which is composed of a group of ring-shaped reinforced plastic filters with grooves or ribs. When the sewage is filtered from the outer side, the edge of the groove Edge formed on the adjacent filter plate is trapped in the water, and the solid object is intercepted in the reverse flushing, and the water from the annular filter plate is flowed to the outer side, and the dirt on the filter plate is washed down and discharged by the sewage outlet.Hydraulic Motor