The Installation And Troubleshooting Of Hydraulic Capstan

             Hydraulic winch According to its use of different methods can be divided into: manual winch, electric winch, pneumatic winch, mechanical winch four kinds. The application scope of hydraulic winch is also very wide, now let's talk about the installation of the hydraulic winch of the wrecker and the troubleshooting method: The hydraulic winch has been widely used in the wrecker, and it is an important functional component. Often used for lifting and towing traction operations, hydraulic winch from light to heavy has a lot of specifications, commonly used hydraulic winch has worm gear and planetary gears deceleration two types of structure, winch driven by hydraulic motor, through the deceleration device to achieve spin down and increase the output torque, In order to realize the relative heavy load traction capability of winch, worm-type hydraulic winch structure is relatively simple, easy to make, transmission efficiency and production costs are relatively low, generally used in light hydraulic winch, and planetary wheel type hydraulic winch structure is relatively complex, large transmission ratio, drive efficiency and production costs are relatively high, generally used in heavy hydraulic winch.Hydraulic Capstan

            Hydraulic Capstan In the removal of vehicles, hydraulic winch More use of the installation of the way, and the side of the hydraulic winch also in some of the removal of the vehicle gradually get the application, general removal of the car installed on one or two winch, according to the needs of the design, winch wire rope can be used up and down two kinds of in order to prevent wire rope disorderly rope, winch should be equipped with pressure guide rope device, the winch and wire rope in the selection and installation is very important, it relates to the vehicle's technical and safety performance, so in the installation and use of attention:

             Shan install winch before checking parts are complete, whether damage phenomenon, if there are parts damaged, must be replaced before installation. The Shan winch shall be mechanically 10 connected with the connecting seat or bracket. High strength bolts at level 9 or above are fixed to ensure sufficient connection strength. Shan winch Installation, to check whether the hydraulic pipeline is connected to the wrong, the clutch can be normal combination, separation, winch reel can be normal rotation, can not appear stuck phenomenon. Shan in the winch winding wire rope, the line loaded into the reel of the rope hole, and then tighten the screws, and in the rope working conditions, winding 4-5 laps, load 3-5kn force to tie the wire rope. The maximum deflection angle of Shan wire rope winding and winding is not more than 3 °, in case of disorderly rope and winch force deflection. When the rope is stopped, the wire rope shall be pressed tightly to prevent the wire rope from loosening and disorderly rope. After the Shan winch is installed, the no-load operation should be carried out before or after the heavy load test in order to smooth the motor. Shan lifting heavy weight or pull when the winch clutch is strictly prohibited, winch work, wire rope on the reel at least 5 laps. Shan is strictly prohibited winch overload, in order to prevent damage to winch and accidents.Hydraulic Capstan