Use Of Hydraulic Capstan On Off-road Vehicle

     There are many kinds of winch, such as electric winch, winch driven by automobile engine and winch operated by hydraulic pump, and so on, the electric winch is used by the most off-road people. The electric winch is powered by the car itself to drive the rope. This winch is convenient because it can be operated anywhere by means of a knob on a remote controller. Its biggest advantage is that as long as the battery has electricity to use.Hydraulic Capstan

     However, the power of the winch's motor is generally only a few horsepower, so how can such a small-power motor drag a heavy car or other heavy weights? The secret is in the use of the reducer. Even if the motor can only emit a small force, the reducer can turn it into a powerful force. Different winch manufacturers Use this principle to produce different products.

    Most of the winch in the market uses a planetary reducer. The advantage of planetary gears is that the reduction ratio is relatively large, and the contact point of gears is more and the service life is longer. Winch is usually installed in a relatively small space, so the smaller the lighter the better. The planetary gears can achieve this requirement and can produce a larger deceleration ratio, so it is ideal.Hydraulic Capstan

    In short, the internal mechanism of the winch is: the power from the car to first drive the motor, and then the motor to drive the drum wheel rotation, the drum and drive the active shaft, the active axis and then drive the planetary gear, and then produce a strong torque. Then, the torque is passed back to the drum, and the drum wheel drives the winch. There is a clutch between the motor and the reducer, which can be switched by a handle. The brake unit is in the drum wheel and the drum is automatically locked when the noose is tightened.Hydraulic Capstan

    In practical application, some auxiliary items are necessary for safe and smooth use of winch, such as gloves can be protected hand. In addition, if a winch is to be fastened to a tree, a strap, a U-shaped lug and a tight-line pulley are needed. The tape is used to fix the fulcrum. Its ideal length is 1. 5-2. o-meter; the U-shaped lug can connect the hook to the strap and the winch. Therefore, it is best to prepare several sizes of hanging ears; a tight line pulley is required to change the drag direction with two or three lines. Operation Winch in short, it can be divided into three steps: installation, fixed fulcrum and drag.Hydraulic Capstan